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Are You Planning To Buy An eCommerce Business

eCommerce is one of the largest industries today with billions of people buying all kinds of products online. But, big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal have made it difficult for smaller brands to maintain a competitive advantage. Moreover, with globalization where the world is connecting so vastly and becoming smaller, it gets even more difficult to stay competitive against big brands around the world. To add to this, established businesses are being convinced to sell on these huge platforms as third-party sellers so that their position and the platform’s position can be solidified in the market. Therefore, we can conclude that competing in the eCommerce industry is definitely not easy.

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Why Should You Opt For An eCommerce Sales Business?

Gone are those days when people would go miles away from home to a plaza or mall to buy their furniture, to an electronics store to buy their television, to a shopping center to buy their clothes, etc. Today, all they do is sit in front of their desktop screens and log into their favourite shopping sites to click on their preferred products and order online. In fact, people now need not even sit in front of their desktops; they can shop for the smallest household item to the largest appliance on their smartphones, while on the bus or train too! And, all thanks to eCommerce stores for this comfort.

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Some Of The Most Believed Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2017

Artificial Intelligence has been changing the world at rapid speed. It was a huge year for advancements in Artificial Intelligence in 2016; and 2017 may deliver even more. In fact, it is predicted that intelligent machines will be able to do every task better and more effective than humans. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is also believed to become persuasive in all software, big data solutions, and business processes. This means that it will be incorporated and developed broadly. But, what does the year 2017 hold for Artificial Intelligence? Here are some of the key things to look forward to.

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How Can You Benefit With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement wherein an online retailer pays commission to an external website for the sales generated from its referral traffic. This means that a company incentivizes third-parties to drive traffic to its website in return for a commission that is only paid when transactions are made through the referral traffic. The most significant point here is that the retailer has to pay commission to the third party only when the visitor converts into a customer by making an online purchase; and not only when the visitor clicks to go to the site. Therefore, affiliate marketing is much more effective and preferred as compared to other online marketing strategies like PPC marketing and content marketing because it is comparatively lesser expensive, involves lesser risks, requires lesser efforts put in from the retailer himself, and pays only when a sale is made.

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How To Protect Your Magento Site Against Hackers?

Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms that is used by more than 2,50,000 merchants across the globe; and it has only been seeing a significant growth every year. Today, it is the No. 1 eCommerce content management system that shares more than 25% of the whole market share globally! However, along with popularity also comes a glitch. With the increasing popularity, Magento is becoming a bigger target for hackers. But, this does not mean you stop using Magento because there are ways to avoid your Magento site from being hacked. Using the tips mentioned below, you can better secure your Magento site against vulnerable attacks. Also, you can hire Magento developers in India to set up and manage your Magento website in the most appropriate manner, while keeping an eye on any possible attacks that may come your way.

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Various eCommerce Software For Custom Module Development

A module is the encapsulation of custom code that is used to implement a particular functionality. A custom module has an interface of its own that allows accessing the functionality in a customized manner. And, the development of such custom module is what is known as custom module development. Because a module is a small program providing a specific functionality, it has very few bugs, and makes the understanding of the algorithm and testing of the module very easy. Also, with every module being handled independently by different programmers, the entire development process is accelerated.

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Guide To Set Up A Promotion Banner In Magento Enterprise

Do you know the most powerful feature of Magento Enterprise? With many in the list, the marketing banners are one of those that offer helpful content panels. These banners can be shown on the homepage or any other landing page, but they require lots of efforts to be built for effective outcomes. You can learn how to set up special types of banners in Magento Enterprise in this blog, and the banners relation with Promotion Rules that are useful for marketing campaigns.

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How Does Website Performance Relate To User Experience?

Just as performance of humans is important in every phase of life, performance of websites is important to user experience too. One of the most important factors of performance is the speed at which the website loads. Slow page load times lead to customers abandoning pages and clicking the back button, and possibly switching to competitors’ sites. It has been researched that if a page does not load within 3 to 5 seconds, people give up on the site. Therefore, slow page loading is one of the major causes of a poor user experience. Even if you have the best content, image and designing on your page, it is worth nothing if it loads slow and leads to customers leaving the site, without even waiting to take a look at it.

Magento Web development services

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Considerations to Be Made During An eCommerce Rebuild

Every eCommerce owner wants to rebuild his store at some point or the other – it may be every years or once in a few years. This may be to bring the store a completely new look and get off the outdated appearance, or because the competitors just recently rebuilt their store. It could also be possible that the store owner wants a rebuild because the current store is too slow and is losing customers and conversions. Whatever the reason may be, an entirely new site can come off with lots of problems. But, you need to remember that the new store must be more convenient and easier for the users to buy products from you, as compared with your current store. This will satisfy your customers even more, which will result in sales and conversions. However, a rebuild is not as easy as you may think. You may have to encounter unforeseen costs and risks. So, it is advisable to consider these few questions before plunging into a rebuild.

eCommerce Rebuild

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How To Decrease Cart Abandonment?

Businesses have seen a good amount of cart abandonments on their sites. The percentage of abandoned shopping carts can be calculated as [1 – (the total number of people who complete checkout divided by the total number of people who start checkout)]. As per this calculation, online stores on an average experience around 70% of cart abandonment, which equals to as much as $31 billion worth of sales! So, why are carts abandoned before making a purchase? There may be various reasons that include distractions, hidden charges, poor service or even window shopping. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that you do not have anything on your site that may lead to cart abandonments. For this, you need to optimize your site – the offers, user experience and engagement. This is where professional Magento website developers in Bangalore can help you.


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