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How To Plan For An Online Press Release

A press release will get you coverage, but not necessarily publicity. In order to create hype, you must build your credibility with the media and your clients. Your target journalist may miss or forget your message or may not have a slot to fit you in and will not even take the pains to fit you in since he may have better reports. In order to overcome this situation, you need to send out remarkable press releases regularly for the journalists to recognize you. But, this isn’t easy. In order to get the best of stories, you need to have a plan. The following essential steps need to be followed to gain the possibility of getting coverage.

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How to boost the traffic on your website free of cost?

Every websites aims for improved traffic for their websites. Improved traffic means better SEO rankings and more customers. Though many websites opt for paid traffic through PPC etc. but for long term results you need to adopt white-hat techniques for your website. Here are some very simple ways through which you can boost the traffic on your website, that too free of cost:

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