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How Does Voicing Your Brand Make A Difference?

What is a brand? How do you recognize a brand? You would say by looking at its logo. But, is that just enough? Does a brand have to work on its logo alone to be recognized and loved by people?

Businesses get so engrossed in working over their visual outlook, debating over the design, font and colour that they forget about focusing on words too. Words here mean the way they need to design their website content, press release, commercials, etc. And those who have some time and thought of considering these aspects, will simply hire a staff member who is good at language and writing to do the job. No doubt, he would know a lot about spelling and grammar but, will he know how to bring life into his words?


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What Can Be The Reasons For Google Not Indexing Your Site?

Indexing your site is important for visibility online and to drive organic traffic onto your site. If you find that your site or some of your web pages are not being indexed by Google, you need to find out the reason behind it. In order to know what indexing issues you are having, go through this list which gives some of the major reasons why Google would not index your site. 

Newly developed website


If you have just recently uploaded your website, you don’t need to worry if Google hasn’t yet started indexing your pages. It is quite normal for Google to take some time to find you, with new websites coming up everyday. Give it some time to see the results, and if after that you don’t get the desired results, you can check for any of the below mentioned reasons.


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