How Can You Benefit With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement wherein an online retailer pays commission to an external website for the sales generated from its referral traffic. This means that a company incentivizes third-parties to drive traffic to its website in return for a commission that is only paid when transactions are made through the referral traffic. The most significant point here is that the retailer has to pay commission to the third party only when the visitor converts into a customer by making an online purchase; and not only when the visitor clicks to go to the site. Therefore, affiliate marketing is much more effective and preferred as compared to other online marketing strategies like PPC marketing and content marketing because it is comparatively lesser expensive, involves lesser risks, requires lesser efforts put in from the retailer himself, and pays only when a sale is made.

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What Can Be The Reasons For Google Not Indexing Your Site?

Indexing your site is important for visibility online and to drive organic traffic onto your site. If you find that your site or some of your web pages are not being indexed by Google, you need to find out the reason behind it. In order to know what indexing issues you are having, go through this list which gives some of the major reasons why Google would not index your site. 

Newly developed website


If you have just recently uploaded your website, you don’t need to worry if Google hasn’t yet started indexing your pages. It is quite normal for Google to take some time to find you, with new websites coming up everyday. Give it some time to see the results, and if after that you don’t get the desired results, you can check for any of the below mentioned reasons.


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How to Optimize Your Images for Better SEO?

Photos are something that make your website look pretty and attractive. Large chunks of content can make it boring for the readers to go through your site. But, photos may not be beneficial to your Search Engine Optimization rankings if you do not optimize them properly. Simply picking up pictures and posting them on your site is not wise. Here are a few ways to optimize your pictures to bring them in the limelight for search engine results pages.

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How To Plan For An Online Press Release

A press release will get you coverage, but not necessarily publicity. In order to create hype, you must build your credibility with the media and your clients. Your target journalist may miss or forget your message or may not have a slot to fit you in and will not even take the pains to fit you in since he may have better reports. In order to overcome this situation, you need to send out remarkable press releases regularly for the journalists to recognize you. But, this isn’t easy. In order to get the best of stories, you need to have a plan. The following essential steps need to be followed to gain the possibility of getting coverage.

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How to boost the traffic on your website free of cost?

Every websites aims for improved traffic for their websites. Improved traffic means better SEO rankings and more customers. Though many websites opt for paid traffic through PPC etc. but for long term results you need to adopt white-hat techniques for your website. Here are some very simple ways through which you can boost the traffic on your website, that too free of cost:

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Image Optimization for SEO

It is a known fact that images add aesthetic value to any website. But if these images are not optimized in the right manner, it sure will affect the search engine rankings of your website. In fact image optimization is one of the basic steps of every SEO strategy. A website with optimized images is sure to attract more traffic and thereby better search engine ranking. Thus along with quality content, it is equally important that you use images which are optimized in the right manner.

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Tips to Optimize Magento for Search Engines

One of the most popular and efficient ecommerce platforms, Magento is admired for its advance features and functionalities.  But in spite of being an all-inclusive platform for online shopping cart, Magento web design can attain visibility and credibility in search results only after effective search engine optimization.

Unlike various other platforms, optimizing Magento for search engines is a simple straight forward process. You just have to follow certain basic steps while Magento web development and can easily optimize it for search engines.

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How Baidu Search Engine Optimization is Different From Google?

Baidu is China’s number one and most popular search engine, with approximately 63 percent of the country’s market share. Google is less popular in China than Baidu, so if your traffic comes from the Chinese market, it pays to optimize your site for Baidu.

Baidu is constantly improving their services, but still far behind Google when it comes to technology that evaluates and indexes the most relevant and authoritative content. However Baidu uses the same SEO rules that you would for Google. Getting good rankings in Baidu requires understanding the search engine optimization guide that works with the Baidu search engine. You won’t hear any talk of Pandas or Penguins, but you will notice that their decision making is very nationalistic in nature.

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Bing Webmaster Tools Now Allows To Track Data for Pages beyond Your Website.

A new feature was announced in Bing Webmaster Tools called “Connected Pages” this new feature lets you claim and connect your official social media pages to your BWMT account so you see data as it relates to those connected locations.

Now you can connect a full range social media pages as long as those pages have a link back to your verified website, you need not provide Bing with any special permissions for your social media accounts, so your privacy is still fully intact.

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Google Penguin 2.1 Update -3% of Websites Affected

Google’s web spam head MattCutts has official announced a new update for penguin i.e. Penguin 2.1 in one of his tweet.

Google has however, become more tight lipped about what their updates are targeting, so it is unlikely that any official announcement  will be made concerning the areas where penguin 5 or 2.1 are going to cause the most impact. This first Google update of October is affecting 3% of websites around the world.

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