Considerations to Be Made During An eCommerce Rebuild

Every eCommerce owner wants to rebuild his store at some point or the other – it may be every years or once in a few years. This may be to bring the store a completely new look and get off the outdated appearance, or because the competitors just recently rebuilt their store. It could also be possible that the store owner wants a rebuild because the current store is too slow and is losing customers and conversions. Whatever the reason may be, an entirely new site can come off with lots of problems. But, you need to remember that the new store must be more convenient and easier for the users to buy products from you, as compared with your current store. This will satisfy your customers even more, which will result in sales and conversions. However, a rebuild is not as easy as you may think. You may have to encounter unforeseen costs and risks. So, it is advisable to consider these few questions before plunging into a rebuild.

eCommerce Rebuild

What problems do you want a rebuild for?

You must know the one, two or many problems with your current store that you want your rebuild to fix. Next, you must also see if a rebuild can actually solve those problems. Rebuilds are expensive and risky too. You must also understand that the problems you have should not be minor; they must be major ones. These should be involved with changes that can significantly help your store. Spending so much on a rebuild, you will definitely want significant results.

What risks may you have to face?

The risks could be any and many too. The checkout process should completely breakdown resulting in zero sales, or bad JavaScript and poor testing may result in unclickability. So, while all these issues are fixed, can you afford interruption in sales? The changes made during a rebuild can completely wipe out sales for a day or two. Losing sales even for a day means a lot! Therefore, you must be well-prepared and planned as to how you will address this lack of sales and deal with them. Planning up in advance will help you have actions in place.

What about the time and costs involved?

It is quite possible that a rebuild takes much longer and many more expenses than you may have planned. Rebuilds can take as much as twice the time to build and cost three times as what was originally planned. Can you handle that? If you are well-suited to get into a store rebuild with extra time and money, everything can get easier to handle. One option of saving up for the time being is by considering segregating one large rebuild into many smaller ones that can be rolled out individually.

eCommerce rebuilds can definitely work, but you need to be prepared for lots of commotion and turmoil in the initial stages, along with a good amount of money. It may also take longer than you plan, but you will definitely see positive results, especially if you have a professional Magento Website Development Company working with you.



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