Guide To Set Up A Promotion Banner In Magento Enterprise

Do you know the most powerful feature of Magento Enterprise? With many in the list, the marketing banners are one of those that offer helpful content panels. These banners can be shown on the homepage or any other landing page, but they require lots of efforts to be built for effective outcomes. You can learn how to set up special types of banners in Magento Enterprise in this blog, and the banners relation with Promotion Rules that are useful for marketing campaigns.

Promotion Rules are a great way to sell more, but changing and modifying banners on a site as per your promotion alterations can be a lot of work. But, with the Promotion Rule Banners extension, it can be taken care of. These banners are designed to show up for specific dates in order to cater to customers for the complete active period of the campaign. They disappear on their own from the website’s frontend at the end of the campaign, if configured correctly. You can either hire Magento experts in Bangalore to help you set up such banners, or take assistance from this guide with the steps given below.

Catalog Price Rules

Start with the Catalog Price Rules by going to Promotions in the Magento admin panel and click the Add New Button present in the upper-right corner. In the left panel, you will have options like Rule Information, Conditions, Actions, and Related Banners. Set the Rule Information and Conditions as per your requirements.

Create a new banner

Next you need to create a new banner by going to CMS > Banners > Add Banner. You need to complete the banner information given there like name, display position, is_active, etc.

Connect it to Promotion Rule

Now, you are ready to connect the banner to the Promotion Rule. For this, you need to go to Related Catalog Price/Cart Rule under the Banner Creation tab. Then you must select Reset Filter and select the promotion you want the banner to be connected with.

Create the Banner Widget Container

The next step is to create the banner widget container. Go to CMS > Widgets > Add New Widget, and then fill the complete information under the Create Widget tab. You need to select your widget type as Banner Rotator, and the Design Theme/Package as the current theme you are using.

Fill up details of Banner Rotator

Next, you need to fill up the content for the Banner Rotator. For the Banners to Display, type in catalog Promotion Banners. For Rotation Mode, select display all at one.

Select campaign period

Finally, you need to select your campaign period. For this, you must go to Promotion > Catalog Rules > Select a Rule to edit. Now, you need to fill in the “From” and “To” dates. Now, you must clear the cache and the banner should be displayed in your store’s frontend!

Although lots of efforts are required, the Promotion Rule Banners can be creates even without much technical knowledge. In fact, it even simplifies the content management.

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