How To Decrease Cart Abandonment?

Businesses have seen a good amount of cart abandonments on their sites. The percentage of abandoned shopping carts can be calculated as [1 – (the total number of people who complete checkout divided by the total number of people who start checkout)]. As per this calculation, online stores on an average experience around 70% of cart abandonment, which equals to as much as $31 billion worth of sales! So, why are carts abandoned before making a purchase? There may be various reasons that include distractions, hidden charges, poor service or even window shopping. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure that you do not have anything on your site that may lead to cart abandonments. For this, you need to optimize your site – the offers, user experience and engagement. This is where professional Magento website developers in Bangalore can help you.


Optimize the offers

You must include perks at the checkout or while customers are adding items to their cart, which will have them to proceed to checkout. These include free shipping options, gift options and multiple payment options. It has been observed that 93% of online buyers are prompted to make a purchase if their products are available at free shipping. Offering discounts on products is only part of the attraction; the most advantageous and compelling option is free shipping. Moreover, make it possible for the customers to pay cash on delivery. This has them to feel safe while ordering a product. Other than that, you must also provide multiple payment options like credit/debit card, PayPal and local payment processes. You must also include all kind of security information, badges and protocols that will make users comfortable while sharing their details with you.

Optimize the user experience

You need to have a site that is as clear and simple as possible for the users. Make sure to simplify all the steps that the users have to go through to make a purchase in fact, try having the entire check-out process in one single step, if possible. Other points that you must take care about in the buying process include –

  1. Having an easy-to-edit shopping cart, where users can effortlessly and conveniently add or remove items and adjust quantities.
  2. Be very transparent while providing the rates. Hidden charges no matter how small will affect user purchase negatively.
  3. Have a wish-list option, where shoppers can save their selection for a later time when they are ready for making a buy.
  4. Get rid of the mandatory registration procedure. You will experience 45% more sales if you do not offer compulsory registration before making a purchase.

Optimize the engagement

You need to improve your communication with your customers to have them feel you on a more personal level. After your customers have left your site by abandoning their cart, you can follow up through email to keep them reminded of what they had wished to buy. Moreover, even after your customers leave your site, they must feel like you are with them. For this, you need to embrace remarketing methods and tools. Dynamic remarketing will have you stay connected with your visitors by showing them the products that may have interested them on any other website too.

So, start implementing on these techniques right away to increase conversions and reduce the number of cart abandonments on your site significantly. Make sure to take help from Magento website developers in Bangalore to build up an effective site that is free from errors.



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