How To Implement Backorder In Magento?

Backorder is when merchants can sell products that are currently out of stock. With the help of backorders, merchants can let buyers place their order, and ship it to them when the products are back in stock. This helps to improve customer experience and make them feel more satisfied with the brand.

The same feature can be facilitated with the help of Magento. This CMS platform contains a built-in Backorder feature that can be easily turned on. However, as a businessman, you will need to consider a lot many things before turning on the facility of backordering. You will need to pay attention to the time it will take for the goods to be restocked, the payment method, and the backorder cost. If not analyzed well, too many orders will increase the invisible costs of your business. With enough experience, a business can accurately predict the demands of customers in a specific time. This is because such companies contribute a crucial part of the business operations to backorder management. You must also hire a professional Web design company in Bangalore who not only creates a website, but takes it as their responsibility to manage and maintain the website in every way so that you can focus your time and efforts on other useful tasks.

Now, let us learn how you can enable Backorder in Magento. There are two ways in which you can do so – if you want to allow for new product, and

If you want to configure for new products

First of all, you will need to login to the Magento backend. Then, on the Menu bar you choose System, and then Configuration. You will see the Inventory tab under Catalog section on the next page. Next, you will clock to open the Product Stock option, which will give you three options –

  • No Backorders – Customers can’t buy until you replenish the quantity that is 0.
  • Allow Qty Below 0 – Customers will be able to buy even if your inventory is 0.
  • Allow Qty Below 0 & Notify Customer – Customers can place the order and receive a notification about the backorder status in frontend.

You need to choose wisely between these options to prevent customers from abandoning you. Once chosen, you will click the Save Config button.

If you want to configure for existing products

You will first need to go to the Menu bar and choose Catalog, and then click Manage Products, which will display a screen full of your existing products. Select the desired products you want to apply the backorder setting to. Then, on the Action drop-down menu, you will choose Update Attributes, and then click Submit. Next, on the left sidebar, click the Inventory tab. Check the Change box in the backorder row, which will automatically light up the drop-down menu, giving you three options to choose from (as in the earlier process of new products). Choose the most suitable option and find the Stock Availability row. Check the Change box and change the status to In Stock; and finally click Save.

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