How To Protect Your Magento Site Against Hackers?

Magento is one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms that is used by more than 2,50,000 merchants across the globe; and it has only been seeing a significant growth every year. Today, it is the No. 1 eCommerce content management system that shares more than 25% of the whole market share globally! However, along with popularity also comes a glitch. With the increasing popularity, Magento is becoming a bigger target for hackers. But, this does not mean you stop using Magento because there are ways to avoid your Magento site from being hacked. Using the tips mentioned below, you can better secure your Magento site against vulnerable attacks. Also, you can hire Magento developers in India to set up and manage your Magento website in the most appropriate manner, while keeping an eye on any possible attacks that may come your way.

Make sure to have the latest version of Magento

One of the major reasons that websites are getting hacked is because they are not using the latest software versions. So, the first and foremost thing you must ensure is that you have the updated version of Magento if you want your website to remain secure. Additionally, you need to update to newer versions as and when a new version is issued. However, before updating, make sure to test the Magento core on a staging environment to see if the theme or extensions seem to override core files. If they do, you must update them manually to avoid any loss.

Change your admin path name

The general admin path that is issued when you develop your website is named “admin”, which if left as it is, will be vulnerable for hacker attacks. The path is an open invitation to hackers for easily gaining access to your website’s backdoor without any permission. So, make sure you change this extension to another name so that hackers need to work hard for locating your admin page.

Set up a password

After accessing the admin path, the hackers will have to solve the puzzle of the password. Make this step difficult for them even if they come past the admin path. Set up a password long in length that includes a combination of small and capital letters, and a group of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. You may also opt for two-factor authentication, which is a two step verification process that requires two authentication factors to verify who the assessor is.

Use advanced malware detection

Malware is the software used for all sorts of online criminal activities. Although some malware can be easily detected through an external scan, others that are well hidden can escape one’s eyes. This is why a daily check is suggested using an advanced malware detection solution.

Take backups

Use an automated backup strategy that can help your website against data corruption and data loss, which are very common issues faced by websites. When you don’t have any sort of backup, you will be sure to lose all of your data in an instant. Therefore, make sure you have a backup strategy that can avoid your website from being corrupted, hacked, or infected.

These few tips will help keep your website and data protected. However, if you want to adopt more than these basic steps, you will need to hire professional Magento developers in India who are proficient in disabling directory indexing, using advanced WAFs, disabling RSS feeds, and much more.

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