Latest Magento Web Design Trends For Your eCommerce Store

Have an eCommerce store? Are you able to strike a great impact on the customers and boost your conversion rate? If not, you need to do something to attract more customers, and for that, you need to have a website that looks impressive and contemporary. This is where Magento can help! With its inbuilt high-end features, speed, scalability, reliability and ease to customize, Magento is the perfect platform you can use to provide a superior user experience. So, get your hands on the best and most professional Magento web developers in Bangalore to have your eCommerce store constructed in the most effective way to bring in the best results. Here are the latest Magento design trends that you can discuss with your designers and developers to be included in your website.


Background image sliders

There’s nothing new with full-screen background image sliders but, they are still one of the most prevailing designs today. These sliders are eye-catchy and clean, which you can use to showcase your latest offers or newest products. This is the best way to attract customers towards what you want to present to them, and you can be sure to win hearts if you use it in the most effective manner.

Card layouts

Card layouts are nothing new too but, they have gained enormous popularity. Their neat design and organized look along with a minimalistic appearance makes it just perfect. They are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.


Utilize hovering effects in your web design. Let an area of your design come into action when a user hovers the mouse over it. This will encourage the user to explore that area further. These animations will create interest and can help your site get rid of dullness.

Background video

Just like animations, even videos will enhance the look of your site. A video in the background can provide a depth to your site and can make it look more impressive and remarkable. Have a background video that showcases your products/services to further attract the audience.

Sticky main menu

You have hundreds and thousands of products on your eCommerce store, which leads to infinite scrolling. There are times when users go browsing beyond hundreds of products on the page and then want to revert back to the main menu. So, what do they do? You want them to scroll all the way back to the top? No! Make it easier for them. Pin or stick your main menu at the top along with having them to scroll down the page. This will enhance your navigation feature, which will satisfy the users. And remember, the more satisfied the users, they more they will stay on your site.

Ghost buttons

Instead of standard coloured buttons, use ghost buttons, which will go well with your theme and can catch the users’ attention if strategically placed. These buttons are perfect when you have a flat or minimalist user interface, or if you have a large background photo. However, make sure that you keep in mind the background and positioning of the ghost buttons.


We all know how we have always loved stories and novels since childhood. Use the same technique for your website too! Yes, weave stories around your products/services, and you will definitely see an interested audience. Create something that your users will want to interact with. Create emotions to connect with your audience better.

These simple techniques are surely going to work for your site. However, to make your site look and work great, you need to be technically sound to use these features. Thus, it is better to hire experienced Magento web developers in Bangalore to assist you in creating a great website that fulfills your requirements and satisfies your users as well!


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