Some Of The Most Believed Artificial Intelligence Predictions For 2017

Artificial Intelligence has been changing the world at rapid speed. It was a huge year for advancements in Artificial Intelligence in 2016; and 2017 may deliver even more. In fact, it is predicted that intelligent machines will be able to do every task better and more effective than humans. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is also believed to become persuasive in all software, big data solutions, and business processes. This means that it will be incorporated and developed broadly. But, what does the year 2017 hold for Artificial Intelligence? Here are some of the key things to look forward to.

Personalized mobile shopping

People have shifted to more and more apps as compared to websites. This mobile-only apps trend has resulted in a smooth user experience that customers have been expecting. Moreover, data-oriented features and functionalities will continue to create improved customer experiences on mobile. Additionally, Artificial Intelligence will personalize the mobile shopping experience by tailoring product viewing for customers, thus making the mobile shopping experience most advantageous for quick purchase.

Improved social commerce

People are getting increasingly addicted to social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many others. Through such social channels, Artificial Intelligence will help identify conversations about products that customers wouldn’t even know existed otherwise. With Artificial Intelligence, how and where people are talking about brands will be identified; and this conversation will be cultivated for marketing purposes. As a result, content marketers will be able to create genuine content and learn how the social network moves content forward towards purchasing.

Intuitive customer engagement

As more and more innovations are being made in mobile devices, hands-free devices, and wearable devices, channels for customer engagement are evolving. With these innovations, shopping will become less about the dark and misty channels, and more about environmental experience. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will be critical in withdrawing data and giving more intellectual and logical feedback on how, where, and when to engage customers.

Personalization campaigns

Artificial Intelligence can never replace marketers completely because it lacks emotional intelligence and empathy. However, it is still a very useful tool that can likely help under-resourced teams to automate some merchandising functions. This technology will potentially create discount offers, incentives, and much more. And, this will eventually result in every marketing element will be in the hands of Artificial Intelligence.

In-email purchasing

One-click purchasing has brought a completely new age of convenience for customers by making it easy to purchase. Moreover, email is a huge marketing resource for many brands. Furthermore, email is the most traditional and globally accepted communication channel, which has been used since ages. Artificial Intelligence data mining will help increased email personalization and will also allow customers to check out right in their inbox.

Apart from all of these predictions, there is more that can be attached to the future of Artificial Intelligence. This includes building smart apps, advanced health care, advanced agriculture, job automation, enhanced security, and much more.

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