Various eCommerce Software For Custom Module Development

A module is the encapsulation of custom code that is used to implement a particular functionality. A custom module has an interface of its own that allows accessing the functionality in a customized manner. And, the development of such custom module is what is known as custom module development. Because a module is a small program providing a specific functionality, it has very few bugs, and makes the understanding of the algorithm and testing of the module very easy. Also, with every module being handled independently by different programmers, the entire development process is accelerated.

Every eCommerce software has its own unique method for developing a module. There are many softwares that can be used for custom module development, with the most popular ones being Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. Let us learn about each of these softwares and decide upon which one is ultimately the best one. However, you must remember that to develop a custom module in any kind of eCommerce software, you will require a good understanding of programming and concepts. These include PHP programming, object-oriented concepts, file structure, and coding structure. Below are mentioned the various ways you can use Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop in regards to the processes involved, and skill levels required.


Magento follows the MVC structure, thus making it very easy to develop a module, which needs to create a controller and the layout in the ‘View’ folder for the template.

Skill level required – The skills required for developing a module in Magento are a little advanced. It requires good knowledge of PHP and object-oriented concept, and also an in-depth knowledge of the Magento coding structure.


Developing modules with OpenCart is also very easy with an object-oriented structure, which enables increasing the functionality of the eCommerce platform. To create a module with OpenCart, you will be required to develop a controller for functionality, ‘View’ files for the template, and model to access the database for each module. In this way, you can create the functionality, layout, and business login by accessing the data.

Skill level required – The skill level for developing a module in OpenCart is relatively easier. There is a very simple coding structure and process involved.


PrestaShop has an object-oriented structure. Just like with Magento, to create a module with PrestaShop too, you will have to create a controller and the layout files in the ‘View’ folder for the template. However, for the ‘Admin’ section of the module, different files will be required. With PrestaShop, you can override the default functionality, but you will have to follow a strict coding standard.

Skill level required – PrestaShop requires a high skill level for both PHP and object-oriented programming, and also a very high coding standard like PSR-1, PSR-2, Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide, and Mark Otto’s coding standard.


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