Why Magento is a better e-commerce platform?

These days Magento is the most preferred e-commerce platform. In fact, many of those who are using Oscommerce and VirtueMart too are now migrating to Magento. The obvious question is why this preference to Magento?

Being the leading Magento website development company, we have installed several e-commerce sites and online stores till date. Having built online stores and e-commerce sites for a huge variety of businesses, we understand why Magento has come up as the preferred e-commerce platform. Here are some of the most important reasons why merchants are switching to Magento:

  • Magento is free! And even though you have to pay for its support services, most of your queries are easily answered on Forums.
  • It enables you to import huge spreadsheets of products.
  • You get the freedom to search and sort products based on several criteria.
  • Another amazing feature of Magento is its multi-site functionality. You can easily create additional websites on their own unique domain, with its own template and unique store.
  •  Magento provides you with a built-in SEO functionality, clean URLs, tags, descriptions, site navigation and clean HTML.
  • If you are one of those who lives by statistics and keeps tracking the site performance, then Magento is for you. Google analytics being integrated in it you can always know where your site’s performance stands.
  • Unlike store softwares like Yahoo stores etc. Magento has no upper limit on number of product or purchases. So you do not have to make monthly payments, while your store is still being upgraded.
  • Magento also provides built-in functionality for all the major merchant accounts.
  • Through Magento, you get Google base formatting and support for downloadable products.
  • Integrated sales and store tracking is in-built in the Magento architecture.  Thus all your stores are installed into a single database and you can manage all your customers and sales from a single page. This helps you a lot in saving time and managing orders and sales.

Though these are some of the major reasons why Magento has gained popularity, this e-commerce platform comes with its own set of downsides. For e.g. if you are importing products through a spreadsheet to Magento, then you cannot create dynamic categories for them. Rather, you have to create the categories first and then import the spreadsheet to Magento. Also when you import, no custom attributes will be created from the spreadsheet. So in case you face a situation, where you need to re-import the products, for some reason – then you need to put the custom attribute values again.

In spite of some disadvantages, Magento has an edge over the other e-commerce platforms. Its flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions help you grow and succeed online. It is the most cost-effective platform through which you can enhance the look, content as well as the functionality of your store. In case you want your site to be built on Magento, then you can get in touch with us. Our team of Magento experts will come up with customized solutions for you.

Power your store with Magento and boost its growth!

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