Ecommerce revolution in Web Designing

Luckily times have changed and people have become more comfortable with ecommerce. If you are not taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the ecommerce revolution, then you are missing out on millionsin potential sales.


Today, customers can access a virtual mega-mall from the comfort of their homes and offices and buy the latest products on the day of their launch, at the best prices, at just the click of a key! That is the convenience offered by eCommerce.

A key ingredient of ecommerce, sometimes referred to as electronic trading is the advertisement and procurements of goods and services over the internet. The success and volume of ecommerce on the web has been widely reported. With success in establishing an environment in which ecommerce can grow and flourish, every computer can become a window open to every business, large and small around the globe.

Whether it’s in high class photography or just snappy, minimalist Web Design, smaller business really need to setup their game. It’s not enough to just have an online store. You need to make sure that online store is just as good, if not better than what the bigger companies can offer. Emerging web technologies allow the retailer to interact with customers in much the same way as they would in a store. By becoming better acquainted with the customer and tailoring the experience to the shopper’s personal taste, retailers can paste products of interests and avoid wasting time on things that hold no interests. Websites will already know “what customers are looking for” even before they browse.

The key to success in this area will be effective online marketing driving consumers to a site with a great user experience-in short, textbook stuff, easy to say but tricky to get right.

With a well-designed website, you can use an ecommerce storefront to make sales, alongside your usual sales methods, or rely on ecommerce only. You need the right website, however and this is where Website Design Company comes in.

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Deadly eCommerce Website Design Mistakes to avoid:

  • Many ecommerce sites fail to provide enough description of the products sold by them. Provide as much product information as you can. Sizes, materials, weight, dimensions, and any other pertinent information depending on what the product is.
  • Always strive to make navigation on your site easy for customers. Many stores tend to overuse buttons which actually end up deterring the customers.
  • Since potential customers cannot touch or feel your products, it’s important to provide them with large, clear photos. Good photography helps to inspire confidence in your products and makes it look like you genuinely have them in stock. Multiple photographs of a product from different angles or in different settings can also help to influence a customer’s purchasing decision.
  • Ecommerce shopping cart must allow users to add multiple products, revise quantities and options about products, and it must remain transparent at the same time.
  • E-commerce sites generally collect sensitive information from customers like the details of their credit cards and bank accounts. If contact information is not found easily, consumers will doubt your sincerity in running a business.
  • Proper site search is very crucial to help your customers in finding what they want. If the search facility on your E-commerce site is poor, people will opt for other search engines like Google or Bing.

Optimizing your site for speed can seem like a painful and daunting task. Often times infrastructure has to be improved, code, re-written and creative assets compressed. However most of the time this optimization pays for itself. Speed improvements have been shown to improve bottom line and over a dozen studies have shown a positive ROI.

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